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New Records Set

Race Results

  • Run for the Hill of It 5 Miler (Chestnut Hill)

    • July 30
    • 41:16
    • 1st of 8 in 65 and over age group
    • 254 in field of 662
  • Kings Grant 5 K

    • July 16
    • 23:32
    • 1st out of 6 in 60 and over age group
  • Pittman Freedom 4 Miler

    • July 4
    • 31:271st out of 7 in 60 and over age group
  • Moorestown 8K

    • June 4
    • 38:50
    • 236 out of a field of 581
    • 9th out of 25 in 60-65 age group
  • Collingswood 5K

    • May 28
    • 23:21
    • 80th in a field of 215
    • 1st of 8 in 60 and over age group
  • Elizabeth Haddon First Annual 5K

    • May 21
    • 30th out of 131 in a time of 23:01
    • Short course?
    • 2nd in 55 and over age group

River Runs

Running Along the Yangtze River
Running Along the Yellow River

When Roger wants to run somewhere, he'll overcome any obstacle to do so -- even a business suit! Here he is running along the Yangtze River, the longest in China, right where Chairman Mao did his famous swims.

We saw one Yellow River in Qingdao ; Roger ran along the other Yellow in Lanzhou. This Yellow River is the second longest in China.




Roger adds new countries to list of "Countries I have run in"


Roger Celebrates 50 (Years of Running, that is!)

At the age of 14, Roger began his running career in Wanganui, New Zealand. In 2004, he celebrated his 50th year of running by visiting the scene of the crime (Wanganui, that is!) for his primary school reunion, competing in the annual Rutgers Law Run, and running his first Broad Street 10 miler!

The Rutgers News, as well as Rutgers Magazine, published an interview with Roger along with the picture that appeared on the next Law School Run t-shirt. To see the article, click here.

2004 Law School Run

The Law School Run has has taken place twice a year (spring and fall) more or less consistently since about 1977. The exact date is hotly disputed. In the late '80s, Law School Run t-shirts made an entry and became much sought after collectors items. It is rumored that a complete set of Rutgers Camden Law School Run t-shirts (including the valuable edition featuring Roger Dennis chasing Roger Clark) would command a very high price on eBay.

In a weak moment, Roger agreed to pay $50 (rather than his usual $5) to the Public Interest Scholarship Fund for each person who beat him in the Spring Law School Run. Several fast graduates turned up to augment the student body and Roger ended up twenty-first in a field of fifty-one. Amy has insisted that Roger get either faster or smarter.

If you are interested in the details of up-coming Law School Runs (normally October and April), email Roger at the law school.

For more pictures of the 2004 Law School run, click here.

Roger's Running History

Roger maintains that he has run in 50 countries over the past fifty years -- but let's see if he can front up the names! Stay tuned -- they'll be added as soon as he can produce the alleged list (which he says is on the back of an envelope in his cluttered office! Send out the search party.)


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