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People are always curious about what the BossClark family is doing -- not just personally, but professionally as well. So, in an effort to keep everyone informed about our trials, travels, and tribulations, we decided to create "professional" webpages for each of us.

First, of course, we have to provide the obligatory link to the website of Roger's employer, Rutgers School of Law Camden. And the link to Roger's website on Camden's site. You can find there a list of all his publications. One of our favorites is THE CASE AGAINST THE BOMB: MARSHALL ISLANDS, SAMOA, AND SOLOMON ISLANDS BEFORE THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE IN ADVISORY PROCEEDINGS ON THE LEGALITY OF THE THREAT OR USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (Rutgers Law School, Camden, New York, London, 1996) (editor and contributor) (with Madeleine Sann)

Now, on to the highlights:

Roger and Ashley with Ben Ferencz, Nuremburg Prosecutor Roger attended the Review Conference for the International Criminal Court in Kampala, Uganda., as part of the Samoan Delegation. Also traveling as a member of the delegation -- Ashley. Here the two of them are shown with the rest of the Samoan Delegation and Ben Firencz, the last living Nuremburg Prosecutor.

Roger and his Research Assistant Milosz (Milo) Pierwola in front of a reproduction of the cunieform version of the oldest peace (and
extradition) treaty in captivity.  It was entered into about 1280 B.C.E. by Hattusilis, King of the Hittites, and Ramses II, Pharoah of
Egypt.  (There is also a hieroglyphic text of it.)   Roger has been
known in talks on International Criminal Law to recount his discussion of the treaty with Ramses's (superbly restored) mummy in the  Cairo Museum.

Roger and Milo with King Ramses
Roger and Bianca Jagger
At the Salzburg Summer School on International Criminal Law, Roger spoke along with Bianca Jagger. Ms. Jagger spoke eloquently about our obligations to future generations.


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