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No, we don't spam.1 We don't collect email addresses.2 We don't give or sell, transfer, lease, or license information to anyone.3 We don't stick cookies on your browser4 or look at your cookies to see where you've been.5 We don't do anything.

Quite frankly, we're just too dumb.6 Anyway, if you're all that worried about your privacy, you shouldn't even own a computer.




1. We are, however, beginning to send out Waitangi Day invitations by email. That, however, does not fall within the definition of "spam" since we aren't trying to induce you to buy anything -- only to come to our party!

2. Well, we do, but for our own purposes only. In fact, if you want to supply your email address to us, send it Not sure we'll ever use it, but. . .

3. We're not that entreuprenurial!

4. We do feed cookies to Bowser, but only on rare occasions.

5. We do hope to see you at Waitangi Day -- with or without cookies.

6. It's hard enough figuring out how to get this d- website working and up-to-date!

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