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New Zealand 2004

September 2004 brought an unprecedented change in the BossClark household. With Ted graduated from college, Ashley off at Middlebury (for her second year), and the other siblings and hangers-on scattered around the country, Amy and Roger decided it was time for them. Time for them to take leave and "do Grace the Little Samoan Girlsomething." With Roger on sabbatical from Rutgers, and Amy on leave from Temple, the two decided to return to the capital of Middle Earth, and Roger's (and Melissa's and Rupert's) alma mater: Victoria University.

So, leaving Bowser, Brenden and the house in the care of friends, Amy and Roger set off for the land of the Lord of the Rings. Greeting them upon arrival were Melissa, Grace and Rupert.

We started out putting on this page all of the highlights our trip: starting, of course, with Rupert and Grace. But the page has become way too crowded! So, we have had put much of the material elsewhere. Just keep on reading . . . and click away!




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