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December 2006

The semester was over, so Roger and Amy (knowing, perhaps, that the winter would turn cold) headed to the south. But rather than sit and bask on a beach somewhere, they decided to be a bit more adventourous, and headed to the jungle in Mexico, near the Belize border, where they went howling with the monkeys in the jungle, kayaking through the mangroves, hunting for crocodiles at dusk, biking through the jungle, and exploring ancient Myan ruins.

The Mayan ruins surrounding Kohunlich have not been restored like the ruins elsewhere in Mexico. Many are still hidden beneath mounds of earth, in their natural state. Click here for more pictures of the ruins.
Roger, of course, had to climb every ruin -- and beat the young kids to the top!
We really got into kayaking! Paddled to a remote lagoon, where we took a mud bath. Kayaked around the lake at dusk to spot crocodiles. And went down a river -- part kayaking, part body surfing. Who said we weren't adventurous?
Biking through the jungle? Doesn't everyone do it? Turned out to be quite treacherous -- full of potholes, moss-covered stones, rocks and ruts. But sure beats the streets of Camden.
Here is Tarzan himself. He never made it up to the tree tops. But we did get into a howling contest with a howler monkey. The females were curious about us, but the male could not stand the competition. As he got angrier and angrier in the treetops above our heads, our guide yelled "watch out." Now we know what a "pissing contest" means!
A tarantula? Sure is. This guy decided to walk across the road as we were driving along.

In the middle of the jungle, we came across a circle of stones. Inside the stones is what you see to your right -- human bones. When a Mayan tribe from the north invaded, they killed all the local Mayans and buried them in this mass grave.

It was right out of Mel Gibson's Apocalytpo.

We stayed at the Explorean Kohunlich, an all-inclusive hotel that bills itself as "soft adventure." Each room is a separate unit in the middle of the jungle.
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