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Graduation 2004: Installment 2

Ted and Jaymie

On June 11, 2004, Ted and his partner Jaymie Lewis graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington. On hand for the occasion: Amy, Roger, Seymour, Carolyne, Ashley, Uncle Hugh, Aunt Kelly, cousins Mackenzie and Briggs, and Jaymie's mom Deb Startzman. Ted got a Bachelor of Arts in fine arts along with a Bachelor of Science in marine biology; Jaymie earned her Bachlor of Arts in fine arts as well.

Congratulations, Ted and Jaymie!

Ted and Bell Tower
Ted and Bell Tower
Ted and Gameboy
Ted hard at work
Ted Putting on Hat
Do you think the hat will fit?
Ted and his roommate
Ted and Jaymie
The Honorees
Ted, Amy and Roger
Ted and his folks
Amy, Jaymie, Ted and Deb: grads and moms
Grads and Moms
Proud siblings: Seymour and Ashley
Proud siblings: Seymour and Ashley
Briggs Playing Gameboy
Briggs the Gameboy Boy
Jaymie and Ted with Balloons
Jaymie and Jen
Jen and Jaymie
The Procession
To the Degree!
The graduate


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