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CHINA 2005

Most of you who know us know that we all (Roger, Amy, Seymour, Ashley, Ted) enjoy reading signs and menus. We just can't help ourselves! So we decided to present to your our latest collection of signs -- this time from China.  Click on any photo to see a larger version so you can really appreciate the signs.   Enjoy, and if you have any you would like to share with us, just send them on!

Souzhou Pagoda

This one is my favorite!

Don't Drink and Drive

No interpretation needed for this one!

Dont' Luck the Door

What can we say!

Forbidden City. . .

A four star attraction! But don't expect any toilet paper.

Ming Tombs (The Ching Ling Tomb)

Reserved Forever!


Important for buildings constructed of rock!

Exiting the Forbidden City

We had to sneak back in to take this picture!

Forbidden Lawn at the Forbidden City

Keep of the lawn . . . what lawn? Did anyone see a lawn?

The Lawn

Ah . . . here's the lawn. We should have guessed -- it's green!


Must be a National Spelling Bee word.

Forbidden City Toilet

Three stars -- means it has doors and running water. That's all.

Forbidden City. . .

A four star attraction! But don't expect any toilet paper.

Imperial College

Ming Tombs

Take good care of them, and they will take good care of you.

Ming Tombs

We've heard of bus stops, but not tourist stops!


What am I supposed to do with it?

Ming Tombs

From whom do you take your cues?

Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs

Span? Spat? Spit? Spam? Spam spam spam spam spam . . .

Old Summer Palace

No climbing I understand; but "no depicting?"

Panjianyuan Market

What else would you call it?

Peking Man

Did Peking Man understand this one? We sure didn't.

Peking Man

Okay, so we don't always obey signs.

Protect the Railings

They need it.

The Sacred Way

needs your conserve.

The Sacred Way

Everyone should have a Deparment of Propoganda.


Come and get it! Your ancient things available here.

Sign at Yabao Market (aka the "Russian Market")

Sign at Yabao Market (aka the "Russian Market")

Didn't know they sold aliens! When we took out the camera to take this picture, we were set upon by concerned merchants who thought we were the "IP Police"!