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China with LingLing


It was great to be able to spend time with LingLing in her own country. Of course, she is an incredibly busy person herself (she is a senior Professor in the School of Business and Management), but we stole time together: a trip to Panjiyuan Market, the Russian Market, the Temple of Heaven. One night, we went to an incredible all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurant, followed by two movies (I think she was influenced by all the movies we took her to in the US!) including a Hong-Kong-kung-fu-chop-em-up movie in Chinese and a Philadelphia-history-type movie in English (with subtitles in Chinese). On Amy's birthday, she took us and the Brownes to the local office of the Gansu Province for a fantastic meal of traditional Gansu dishes. Many of the ingredients (including a lamb!) were flown in from Gansu. All this was followed by a trip to the Old Summer Palace and Tsinghua University.

We are heading to Gansu at the end of our stay here in China to join up with LingLing and her husband, who is the deputy governor. That should be a real trip!

Getting ready for prime time!

One night, we got to go with LingLing as she made a TV appearance talking about reform of the Chinese taxation system. A nice turn around: LingLing had gone with Amy when Amy made a similar appearance in Philadelphia.

And she is off!

LingLing's performance on national TV was quite impressive! Of course, neither Amy nor Roger understood a word she said!

On TV.

A picture of a picture. Isn't that cute!

At home

LingLing in the kitchen of her apartment. We have great memories of the dumplings she used to make for us at home.

Family Portrait

Amy, Roger and LingLing in the living room of her apartment. What you can't see is the gigantic television set across from us. She even gets CNN!

Professor and Students

LingLing lives in the apartment on her own these days. Her son NanNan is at Wuhan University and her husband is in Gansu. But LingLing is never lonely: she is always surrounded by a crowd of adoring students of all ages.

After the meal. . .

This was taken on the first day of our stay in Beijing. You can't see it, but the three of us had just gorged on a marvelous cooked lamb that had been flown in as a gift from the governor of Gansu. Not cooked the way Roger's mom would do it -- but nonetheless delicious!

A Heavenly View . . .

WanWan (Lingling's nephew), LingLing, Amy and Roger at the Top of the Temple of Heaven.

Calling all Celestial Bodies . . . LingLing as we will remember her!

So, there we were at the Temple of Heaven, communing with nature and the gods. And LingLing gets a call.

Wonder who it was that was calling!





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