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The front page of the New York Times on May 25 carried an article entitled "A Crescent of Water is Sinking into the Desert". We'd love to show you the pictures that accompanied that article, particularly the one of the lake in the middle of the Gobi Desert.  But since we're afraid of being sued for copyright infringement, we'll settle for a link (click here), and show you our own pictures of the Gobi Desert, the Mogao Caves, and Dunhuang.


Dunhuang is at the edge of the Gobi Desert. It was the western most Chinese outpost on the Silk Road as it wound its way to Europe. This was the first oasis that the four of us had ever seen. What you see here is Crescent Moon Lake, a lake that is slowly sinking into the desert floor. The sands were incredible!


We climbed to the top of the sand dunes, which was no easy feat in all that sand. For every step you took, you slide back 9/10 of a step. Here is Jaymie, proud that she made it.

It was a somewhat harder climb for Amy, but she eventually made it (to the astonishment of our hosts!)



When you are in a desert, you have to ride camels. And indeed we did -- all of us, except for Roger (who passed up the camels once before on his and Amy's first anniversay that they celebrated in Jordan).







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