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Amy's Birthday

What a great celebration! To celebrate the occasion, Lingling invited us and the Brownes to a "special Gansu extravaganza." As you know, LingLing's husband is the deputy governor of Gansu Province, and Lingling arranged a special luncheon for us at the local Beijing office of the Gansu administration. All of the dishes were Gansu specialities, including the succulent lamb that (with other ingredients) was brought in fresh from northwestern China. What a feast!

Cooking Gansu Style

The fire is in the wide copper portion of the cooker. The ash falls down, but the heat goes up!

A Gansu Gourmet Dinner

In the background, Roger and LiShen, one of Lingling's students.

Hail, hail, the Gang's all here.

From the left: a Gansu official, Susan, Laura, Tony, Amy, Roger, LingLing, LiShen, and another Gansu official.

A new hairstyle for the occasion

One of Amy's presents: hair wax, to give hair a "lift." Here's Laura trying it out on Amy.

Outside the Office

It was clear that spring was here. Aren't those grapes and flowers we see?

Ah, for a little wine!

Believe it or not, the most widely distributed wine here is "Great Wall" wine! Are you ready, Seym?

The view from LingLing's

LingLing's apartment sits on a lake and overlooks Bamboo Park (also known as Zizhuyuan Park). Here the is view of downtown Beijing.

Bamboo Park

You can't see it, but this is the site of the Beijing Zoo (in the distance).

Bamboo Park

With people out for a stroll.

Yuyuan Lake

You can also see Yuyuan Lake from LingLing's apartment. Can you see the paddle boats? Spring has arrived!

Susan and Laura in Lingling's Aparment

Note the huge chair! Wish you could really appreciate the background view - -but take a look at the rest of the photos shot from the window.

The Birthday Girl

Do you think the hairstyle and the hair ornaments will set a new style trend?