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Mary Boss forms new training, consulting and coaching firm

Many of you think that the BossClark clan are jet-setters, and lead a global cosmopolitan life. Well, what we do pales in comparison to the life that Amy's "little" sister, Mary lives.

Mary is the one with the fairy tale life. Her first job after completing her studies for her masters at American University in DC was as the Special Assistant to the Crown Prince of Jordan. She lived in the Middle East in Amman for three years, traveling extensively with the Prince and working on protocol, press liaison and economic research.

As if working for a prince was not enough, in 1980 she took another job: as Press Attaché to the Aga Khan! She moved to Paris and, as part of a small press team, worked on The Aga Khan’s rural development and cultural activities primarily in Asia and East Africa.

In 1985, she started her own consulting business in Paris, specializing first in communications and media, and then increasingly in HR management in Europe. Three years later, responding to a tombstone ad in the International Herald Tribune, she became the direcor of international career management and personal development at INSEAD, the European equivalent of Harvard Business School.

BUT, Amy's little sister has taken another big step. On April 15, 2005, Mary has "retired" from sixteen years of service at INSEAD, and opened her own independent consultancy firm, Boss International. Wth bases in Minneapolis/St.Paul and outside Paris, France, Boss International provides training, consulting and coaching services around issues of international career development, expatriation and cross-cultural communication.

Check out her website! And tell her the BossClarks sent you.


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