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Christmas 2004


Amy and Roger arrived in Brisbane a few weeks before Christmas to join Rupert and his father Malcolm in celebrating Malcolm's receipt of his PhD from the University of Queensland.  Our sixth family "graduation" in the year!


While Amy and Roger were in Brisbane, they couldn't resist the "kitch" and  visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to see the wildlife!

The GoldCoast Hinterlands


Byron Bay is a beautiful little town on the coast of northern New South Wales, right below the Gold Coast.  A retreat for backpackers, it was still a great place to visit!

The Gold Coast (a.k.a. Surfers' Paradise): we didn't spend much time here, but put in an appearance at the Versace Hotel for lunch.  Quite a place!


The Sunshine Coast Hinterlands When Ashley arrived, we set off north to the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.  Glass Mountains, vineyards, even a wonderful fair at Eumundi.

And then . . . the Australia Zoo!

You gotta' keep the feeling!

Melissa, Rupert and Gracie made another trip to the Australia Zoo -- and they had the good fortune of actually finding Steve at home.  Here are their pictures.







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